South Africa-Netherlands Research Programme on Alternatives in Development

SANPAD is a collaborative research programme funded by the government of the Netherlands. The programma promotes development-related research in South Africa. It particularly aims to build capacity in those parts of the research community that have been disadvantaged in the past.

SANPAD invites South African research consortia to submit project proposals in collaboration with research institutions in the Netherlands.

Projects must fall within the following broad themes:

  • New approaches to economic development
  • Social development and the quality of life
  • Natural resources and their management
  • Culture, identity and the society
  • Democracy, state and civil society
  • Poverty reduction

    There will be one call for proposals annually.
    For further details, such as closing date for proposals, guidelines, and application form, see

    New: online database for the book 'Cooperating for Science'

    The database that complements the book 'Cooperating for Science' is available online.

    Contact persons:
    Drs Nelke van der Lans Ė SANPAD / The Netherlands
    P.O. Box 10707
    1001 ES Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
    T: 31 (0)20 5206223
    F: 31 (0)20 5206249
    visiting address:
    Van Diemenstraat 200

    Dr Anshu Padayachee - SANPAD / South Africa
    14/36 Silverton Road, 2nd Floor Silver Oaks Centre, Musgrave
    4001 South Africa
    T: 27 (0)31 277 1780
    F: 27 (0)31 201 1948