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MediaNews: quarterly updates on Southern African Media

MediaNews is the quarterly newsletter of the NiZA media programme.
The newsletter aims to inform its audience on developments in the media and informationprovision sector in and on Southern Africa.

MediaNews focusses on activities that are being executed and supported by NiZA media programme and its civil society partners in Southern Africa. Next to this each issue will contain at least one article that discusses developments within the Southern African media sector that are relevant for the role that media play in the building of more open and responsive societies ensuring that all citizens, male ànd female, rich ànd poor, of all ethnic and racial background have access to the information they need to be able to participate in their societies.

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The latest issue.

May 2007 - Contents:

  • World Newspaper Congress in Africa Not undisputed
  • Review of NiZA’s Media Sector Plan
  • New press bill might shrink freedom of expression
  • Second edition of Outside the Ballot Box
  • Natural resources in DRC: Media and CSOs join hands
  • Rádio Ecclésia via internet
  • MISA re-opens office in Angola
  • Citizen journalism: Media power to the people
  • ‘Until I see change, I’ll keep writing about poverty’
  • Report on the International Conference on Community Radio in Angola
  • Creeping media censorship in South Africa

Download the latest issue: MediaNews 25 - May 2007.pdf (756 Kb)

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